Amber P.

owner & network marketing professional

2021 is an opportunity to start fresh! I’m looking for new, exciting people to join my team. My focus is helping my team members, those who are willing and ready to grow. I am 100% committed to run alongside any person in meeting and exceeding their goals! I’m starting with 14 new team members who want to roll up their sleeves to achieve something that makes them feel good. Feelings matter, yall! BINGO was his name O – yep, we are playing bingo this year to make work fun and rewarding, too!

  • Location: Brentwood, TN
  • Favorite Product: Hydration Body Replenish & Hydration Serum. “My entire life I struggled with dry skin. My skin would peel, was scaly, and hurt. Nothing worked until these products came out; it was a total game-changer for me!”
  • Most Excited About for 2021: The growth of our team and each person within the team. We are already seeing new milestones hit with more consistency and leadership, it’s overwhelmingly amazing! This year, I would like to have one additional team member achieve Level V and promote five Level II leaders. I would like to see all of our leaders have at least one Japan business partner that we can work alongside and support them in launching that market.

Glenda W.

Network marketing professional

I’m excited about the tremendous opportunity we have in our R&F Networking Business to offer people who need us more than ever, options that can change their financial situation. We have “good news” for people, and we just need to share it!

  • Location: Pelham, AL
  • Favorite Products: Redefine Regimen + Eye Cream & Active Hydration Serum

Stuart and Sarah W.

Network marketing professionals

We’ve been in this business for 4 years now. It’s been rewarding, challenging and overall such a wonderful experience. We love the sense of community, the innovative products and the wonderful support from team members and our amazing doctors. The relationships we have with our customers and team has blessed us both.

  • Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Favorite Products: Sarah- Active Hydration, Stuart- Soothe Mask
  • Most Excited About for 2021: Growing the team, leadership, and continued training.
  • Mentors: Todd Falcone and Richard Bliss

Jasmin W.

Network marketing professional

I’m most excited about taking advantage of all opportunities that are thrown my way this year and putting my best foot forward!

  • Location: Antioch, TN
  • Favorite Product:  Unblemish

Shannon G.

Network marketing professional

What I’m most excited about for 2021 is the Japan launch, the convention in Las Vegas, and meeting new people.

  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Favorite Products:  Lash Boost & Active Hydration Serum – “It’s a toss up. I Iove the results of Lash Boost, but cannot clear my dry skin without the Active Hydration Serum.”

Erin R.

Network marketing professional

God gave me a big heart and the opportunity to help change lives! And with the encouragement, support, and skills that I have learned from my team I am able to join together HEART and BUSINESS to make a difference!

  • Location: Goodlettsville, TN
  • Favorite Product: Reverse Regimen – “Not only did I notice the difference but others did as well! The most compliments I have ever gotten on my skin!”
  • Most Excited About for 2021: Being a HEARTWORKER,  commitment to growing spiritually and professionally, and the beauty of the Lord bringing those 2 things together with Rodan and Fields and the team!

Jo-Ann M.

Network marketing professional

I am most excited about growing my business all over the world, making new connections. gaining more knowledge, and glorifying God in all my endeavors!

  • Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Favorite Product: “I like them all! Redefine is where I saw the quickest results on my skin and got me hooked!”