Team Beach-Money Incentives for 2021

(NOTE: these are incentives for this team only and are in addition to any corporate incentives)

Incentives this year will be focused around BINGO which is a fun way to work and maximize your paycheck and abilities. BINGO is a card sheet that can be used to know what to do when your working which enables you to focus on helping people achieve their beauty and skincare goals.

1. Country Retreat: Lake, Land, Lay Low! – First & Second Half Incentive (top PSQV, min 1300 to qualify) Jan-Jun & July-Dec

Imagine a cottage in the country. A place that’s a bit off the beaten path, and sits on 8 acres of land. Nearby you have a lake with a beach – sand that could be mistaken for that of the softest in Destin, FL. You have three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a home that’s ranch style with all of the finest upgrades. Who would you take and when would you go there? This could be yours for a family getaway – lots of flexibility around booking!

2. Fill the card for $50 – Monthly Incentive (runs each month of 2021 – fill your card, get $50 bonus)

Fun fact: If you fill the BINGO card every week of the year, you will achieve more than $22,000 for the year! If you fill the card each month of the year, you will achieve more than $5,000 for the year! That’s an extra $467 or $1,800 monthly depending on how often you BINGO!

3. VIP Boat Day – Invitation Only

Earn an invitation to an exclusive yacht outing! In order to receive an invite, you must demonstrate the following:

  • Be a top bingo player
  • Add value to others
  • Show up
  • Use best practices
  • Actively participate
  • Go above and beyond
Congratulations to our 2020 VIP Boat Day Winners, Stuart and Sarah!