How Team Beach-Money Got Its Name

Network marketing is NOT about what you know when you enter the industry. It IS about who you become. As you grow as a person, you’re able to help more people and network marketing is ALL about helping others.

Your journey in Network Marketing will be the most challenging and rewarding life experience.

If you’re a network marketer or interested in learning about the industry, Jordan Adler’s book “Beach Money” is a MUST read. In fact, I’ve personally read it no less than 20 times. It met me at every stage of my journey exactly where I needed it to – over and over again.

Beach-money is income that enables guilt and financially free vacations. With consistency over time, you begin to experience residual income which allows you to earn money in your sleep or while on the beach!

How I accidentally met Jordan Adler:
My husband Jonathan and I flew to Dallas for our first annual Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) conference. I wasn’t sure where to sit or how things worked, so I walked over to the first person who appeared to be a regular. He was looking towards the stage which positioned me behind him. I lean in towards his back and say “excuse me”. The nice man turns around. I first notice his smile then look down at his badge. My mouth drops open as I say “Oh You’re Jordan Adler!”. I said of few things quickly in my excitement that I don’t exactly recall. I then thanked him for writing Beach Money, introduced myself and my husband, and snapped a pic!

The person who coached me that I had never met was the first human we saw that very first day. How cool was that? It was the best!

So there it is, Team Beach-Money!!

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Love, Amber